Welcome to my online portfolio. I am currently a web designer in training. I understand the need of qualified web designers for a business that uses the internet as a source of advertisment. As a member of your business, I can add a nice touch of technological knowledge which is needed in the age we live in.

While I am currently attending Purdue University and working on a major in Computer Graphics Technically, I am also working towards a minor in Computer and Informational Technology. On my own, I have learned not only how to build a computer, but I have also learned a great deal of knowledge about troubleshooting problems with computers, whether it be due to software or hardware.

Not only do I have knowledge of web design, but I have also made several images. You can look at them in my portfolio section. I have also made a few websites before, which are also in the portfolio area. I do have some experience with various 3D programs. And I have currently been employed by Walgreens for over two years now. I have learned at a young age the importance of teamwork for a business to thrive.